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Hey, guess what? You’re not special.

I’ve never agreed more with anything in my life. This post by sixfootstupid is sweeeeeet.


Let me preface this by saying that I am generally a pretty passive person. I don’t get involved in other peoples’ personal bullshit, and I prefer they stay out of mine.

Having said that, there are a few people who, for reasons an intelligent person cannot readily identify, feel the need to shove their shitty beliefs down my throat. I’m not entirely sure why. Of all the types who are usually guilty of this, two of them stick out the most, although they could both technically be lumped into the “religious zealot” category: Christians, and motherfucking vegans.


So woopty-doo, you’re christian now. You found something you can cling to that gives you some sort of “meaning” in your otherwise pointless, mediocre lives. Congratu-fucking-lations. But guess what? You’re not special. Matter of fact, there have been christians since around 30 AD. Thirty. Fucking. AD.

Now this may come as a…

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Know What Really Sucks…

Being too poor to be able to afford internet.
It’s kind of a nescessity these days ya know.
I have like a blog and stuff to update. Plus how will I ever know what is going on in the world?
It’s doodoo I say.
And since I’m leaving this lovely coffee establishment now I will bid you adieu.
Until the next time I return to civilization, peace ya’ll.

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You Liked, So More Urban Decay

Well you guys liked the Urban Decay photo so I guess I’ll post some more. All of these pictures were taken in the downtown Mobile, Al area. Hopefully getting to go back out today and take some more so if any of those are okay I may post them. Trying to decide which ones to use for this photo essay so if you have a favorite please comment on which one it is so I can pass this class :). Anyway, here they are:

Hope you guys like. Once again, downtown Mobile area.

I have some great pictures of Mobile Bay at sunset and I think that may be my next post. Nothing really funny happening in my life the past few days so ya’ll will have to deal with some photos in the meantime.

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Who Likes Urban Decay Pictures!? (hint: you do)

Here is a picture I took of an abandoned factory type place in Mobile, Al. I had to do a photo essay for my photojournalism class and this was one of those pictures. I have tons more so if anybody cares/likes I will post more perhaps. Pictures of “Urban Decay” are some of my favorite types of photographs. Anybody else a fan out there?

Click on the picture for a bigger version that is awesome.

Standard Equipment  Company, Mobile, Al. Shot using a Nikon D90.

P.S. Just an update, I feel like I should mention that photoshop hasn’t seen this or any of my pictures. Standard contrast and/or color correction only. Mostly because this was a “Photojournalism” class so big no-no to church the pictures up. So no fancy stuff here or with any other photos I may post. Just so ya know.

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Ate Too Many Moonshine Cherries…

I ate too many moonshine cherries and had the brilliant idea to join twitter. So check it out if you wanna. I think I’m the only WombatZombie there but here’s a link just in case.

Woot. Well that’s done now.

Guess I can move on with my life.


Well this is awkward now.

It’s like that feeling you get after you wake up from a one night stand and can’t remember the name of the person beside you. Or where you are. Or where your clothes are.

Yeah. I’ll just go now.

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