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And a Happy New Year…

Happy new year from Alabama. I’d say my New Year’s resolution would be to do a better job updating this blog but we all know that won’t happen.

So let’s just have a beer and call it even.

Happy new years motherfuckers.


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Guys. This. Is. Hilarious. Watch “THIS IS WHEN I GO POOT” on YouTube.

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Get off my lawn, and take your shitty TV shows with you.



Oh, television. How I loathe thee and your seemingly endless desire to force us to watch the same batshit retarded nonsense on a daily basis. Every channel you turn to on any given night has a television show centered around one of these themes:


Whether it’s one of the 63 CSI shows, that shitty remake of “Hawaii 5-0” (lol), NCIS… whatever. The premise is always the same: someone died, gotta solve the fucking mystery in 30-60 minutes. Big fucking deal. If you want to see crime, move to Detroit. Hell, living there is probably cheaper than paying for satellite tv anyway. Plus, it’s more realistic.


Yes, food. The shit you buy at a grocery store. “Oh, but Gordon Ramsay made this fucking lobster dish that made people in 6 countries simultaneously shit and orgasm at the same time!” Yeah? Is that so? Well, you’re not fucking Gordon Ramsay.

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Guys, Guys, Guys…Hey Guys. Guess what?

I think one of the coolest guys I wish I knew looked at my blog yesterday. Twitter said he did, and if Twitter isn’t some whore liar, I’m one happy kid today.

In other news, I just got the coolest offer. The Pensacola Naval Station is offering free rides to the local media from air show performers. I’m totally doing it. I’m so freaking excited right now. I’m not lying, here’s a pic to prove it.


So there’s that.

Did I mention I’m excited. Oh, one thing I’m not excited about. Seriously guys, not writing about politics again. I write about enough of it as it is. City Council meeting last night. Man, people can argue about anything. I watched an interesting TED talk about arguing.

Anyway. I’ve been meaning to update this and tell you guys about the D&D movie (not that you care) but guys, it was actually decent. Not good by any stretch of the imagination, but better than the first two by leaps and bounds.

Also, I could do this here but I’m not. I’m going to elect to write another blog post in about 5 minutes and post it there instead. But I feel it’s time to tell the few followers and random passer-by’s a little more about myself.

That is all.

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This is sad methinks


It is isn’t it. Sad that is. Sigh. Oh well.

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